Is the disk space even enough?

The short answer is – YES!

This is because we have WP Media Folder enabled for both Free and Pro plans – which you can upload all WP media to cloud ie. S3 (recommended; very very cheap).

Hence, with posts of 2,000-word each and respective media ie. images, PDFs, videos etc. in your own cloud, we literally can have 8500+ posts for Free account and 41K+ posts for Pro plan!

So if you have the Pro plan and let’s say you have one 2k-word post DAILY, it will take more than 100-year to reach the limit of Pro plan.

You might ask – What’s the cost of S3? Well, I’ve thousands of my media files on S3 but my monthly bill from Amazon is a low single-digit USD! (For reference only)


Even if you don’t want to use/activate WP Media Folder, say every of your 2K-word post include 3 (optimised) images, the Free plan can take in ~320 posts and Pro plan with ~1600 posts. P.S. You can activate WP Media Folder to offload the media to cloud anytime you want.

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